Saturday, September 26, 2009

Breeds predisposed to cancer

Below is a list of breeds that are most suscepible to certain types of cancer. Please do not choose your dog based on this list, but use this list as a tool for early diagnosis.

Please remember that all dogs face the threat of cancer not just those listed below.

Breed Most Susceptible to Type of Cancer :

Bernese Mountain Dog - Histiocytic sarcoma (soft tissues)
Boxer - Lymphoma, Brain cancer
Cocker Spaniel - Lymphoma
Golden Retriever - Lymphoma, Hemangiosarcoma (blood vessels/spleen)
Labrador Retriever - Lymphoma, Hemangiosarcoma (blood vessels/spleen)
English Springer Spaniel - Mammary gland
Pug - Mast Cell
Shar-pei - Mast Cell
Greyhound - Osteosarcoma
Rottweiler - Osteosarcoma
Any large or giant breed - Osteosarcoma
Collie - Nasal Cancer
Scottish Terrier - Transitional cell carcinoma (bladder), Melanoma (skin/mouth)
Chow Chow - Stomach Cancer
Flat-coated Retriever - Transitional cell carcinoma (bladder), Melanoma (skin/mouth)


Mareike said...

Sadly, so true. I cannot wait for the day when our babies don't have to die of this dreadful disease anymore... My sweetheart, Sparky (guessed to be either a lab-newfie mix, or a lab-flatcoat mix), died August 24, 2009 of a multitude of cancers and I was absolutely helpless. My heart breaks everyday for him, and all the other dogs and their owners who are facing this.

Jen said...

Mareike, I'm very, truly sorry for the loss of your beloved Sparky. I know how difficult a time this is for you and if there is anything I can do...anything at all...please let me know. *hugs*

John Crescenzo said...

My wonderful chocolate lab Roxy just died on Friday 1/18/13 of cancer of the bladder and kidneys.
I am absolutely heartbroken and it has only been less than 3 days but it feels like forever. I never noticed how many dogs died of cancer since Rox was diagnosed. I don't understand how so many get it. My heart felt sympathies to all dog owners who have gone through this terrible time.

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