Saturday, July 18, 2009

Don't forget the sunblock!

Below are some great sites for sun protection for pooches!

Tips on selecting a sun protection product for your dog:

1. The sunscreen should have an SPF of 15 or higher.

2. Find a sunscreen of a thinner consistency as it will be easier to apply to your dog’s coat.

3. Get a waterproof sunscreen as this will help it stay on your dog for longer, therefore increasing its effectiveness.

4. Avoid ones that have PABA or zinc oxide which can be toxic to dogs.

If your dog does get burned, there are a couple of things you can do to ease the discomfort. These include:

1. Hosing your dog down with cool water
2. Getting him out of the sun
3. Mixing two parts cool water with one part witch hazel and then gently applying the mixture to his coat
4. Give him a cool bath with baking soda in the water
5. Apply Aloe Vera gel

An article from Associated Content

When warm weather arrives, our four legged friends can get hot and thirsty quickly, particularly when playing in the backyard in direct sunlight. One aspect of summer you may not have considered is sun protection for dogs. Like people, our canine buddies can suffer from the not so healthy effects of the sun including painful sunburns and even the development of sun related skin cancers. If you've never considered the idea of protecting your dog against the direct rays of the sun, you may want to reconsider since a severe dog sunburn can lead to skin ulcerations in dogs as well as autoimmune skin conditions that can be extremely uncomfortable for your pet. Certain breeds are particularly susceptible to developing dog sunburn and skin damage. These include light colored dogs with short hair such as the Boxer, the Chinese crested dog, Dalmation, the Weineramer, Greyhound and Pitbull. These breeds of dog need definite sun protection if they'll be spending any significant amount of time outdoors in direct sunlight. If you have a longer haired dog that's usually given a short summer haircut, he'll also need protection from the hot rays of the sun. It's particularly important to protect dog breeds susceptible to sunburn since they also have a higher rate of skin cancer. The most common areas for dog sunburn to occur is around the edges of the nose, as well as the groin and abdominal area. When a dog walks on a hot sidewalk, his underside is subject to reflected light that bounces off the sidewalk which can result in a sunburn to the underbelly region.


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