Saturday, September 26, 2009

Breeds predisposed to cancer

Below is a list of breeds that are most suscepible to certain types of cancer. Please do not choose your dog based on this list, but use this list as a tool for early diagnosis.

Please remember that all dogs face the threat of cancer not just those listed below.

Breed Most Susceptible to Type of Cancer :

Bernese Mountain Dog - Histiocytic sarcoma (soft tissues)
Boxer - Lymphoma, Brain cancer
Cocker Spaniel - Lymphoma
Golden Retriever - Lymphoma, Hemangiosarcoma (blood vessels/spleen)
Labrador Retriever - Lymphoma, Hemangiosarcoma (blood vessels/spleen)
English Springer Spaniel - Mammary gland
Pug - Mast Cell
Shar-pei - Mast Cell
Greyhound - Osteosarcoma
Rottweiler - Osteosarcoma
Any large or giant breed - Osteosarcoma
Collie - Nasal Cancer
Scottish Terrier - Transitional cell carcinoma (bladder), Melanoma (skin/mouth)
Chow Chow - Stomach Cancer
Flat-coated Retriever - Transitional cell carcinoma (bladder), Melanoma (skin/mouth)